QuickResizer Testimonials from Customers

  1. I had recently purchased the Quick Resizer program from Ivertech and it works great and am very happy with it, and glad I found it. However I am writing this because I had problem and it just stopped functioning. It is working again now, and at the end of the day, it was not stemming from their program, which brings me to my point.

    There are lots of programs available out there that one could get, but what makes Quick Resizer program and Ivertech truly a cut above all others, are the staff and individuals behind the program. These guys take their job so seriously and are 110% dedicated in helping resolve any issue. They literally went so far beyond any normal standard that would be deemed excellent service in trying to solve and help.

    2 days early evening straight through 2, 3, up to 5:00 am in the morning the following day and still in touch with me and communicating to help resolve my issue. They didn't shut the office door at 5 PM and go home leaving me stranded like others when I had program issues. They truly worked, communicated, tested, searched with diligence, understanding and concern to aid me.

    I have quite frankly never seen or heard of any company or group of guys who care so much, and proved it. Again, one can buy any program, but with this one as I have learned, hidden in the program is an unbelievable dedicated staff and group of guys again who, simply put CARE! I can't stress this enough & this is why I am writing my very first review or testimonial ever, and take great pleasure in doing so.

    Thank-you guys so much, you allowed me to get on with my life and my job, and all from being No fault of yours, so I really got my moneys worth on this purchase. ....lol....Tom Bartley

    Thomas A Bartley
    4711 Deviits Road
    Blackstock, Ontario L0b1B0
  2. Ivertech's Quick Resizer is the perfect software to use for everyone who prints their picture.

    There are so many varieties of size and lot of time, they get cut when printed. Quick Resizer has helped me save the headache of the picture getting trimmed when not needed.

    I can also reduce the size to the extent I want for forwards by email.

    Anand Gopalan
    Dublin, CA
    United States
  3. This product does exactly what I need it to do, resize my photos for easier storage. It's ease of use is a gift. I have been using this product for several years and will continue to do so. I recommend it highly.

    Patricia Murphy
    Hilton Garden Inn
    Orlando, Florida
    United States
  4. This has been a phenomenal tool to help me with eCommerce listings that require specific sizes for the listing images. I can resize 100s of images in seconds, and they all look great!

    Love it!

    Kate Walker
    Get Better Traffic
    Chatsworth, GA 30705
  5. What an amazing product! I have used old powertoy applications in the past with different operating systems, but this is by far the best.

    Not only does it resize, but it solves the dreaded rotation problem with new Windows!!

    Dallas, Texas
    United States
  6. This program has saved me hours of tedious work resizing large MB photos to manageable size. This is invaluable since I submit large numbers of photos to an online print service which can take forever if the photo sizes are too large.

    The entire folder option is excellent as is the individual file option, both of which perform very quickly. The options to resize by % or by dimensions is wonderful.

    I would recommend this program to anyone, especially those who are not quite super computer literate (like me)!

    1018 Cora Greenwood Dr.
    Windsor, Ontario N8P 1K2
  7. I was issued a new laptop and in the process my QuickResizer program was lost. I contacted them and within minutes I received the information I needed to get back up and running.

    Really appreciate the excellent service!

    Gary Wescott
    Quality Assurance Manager
    Hilton Worldwide
    Media, Pennsylvania
  8. The support provided by these folks is fantastic!

    Our company did laptop upgrades and had image rotation issues between Windows 7 and Windows 10. The folks at Ivertech went above and beyond to spend time re-creating the issue on their computers, searching the web and finding a fix. They detailed the steps and got back to me with the solution fast.

    I appreciate this extra effort on their part and would highly recommend them!

    And all that's above and beyond the fact that Quick Resizer has been working great for us for about 10+ years now!

    Nora Miller
    Quality Assurance Manager
    Hilton Hotels and Resorts
    755 Crossover Ln
    Memphis, TN 38117
  9. A fantastic product and fantastic service!

    I don't know a thing about photos but I use the Quick Resizer every day. It's easy to use and it always produces perfect results.

    I had to change my pc and the service team of Ivertech have given me the way to do. A few seconds later I could use my license (bought for more than three years ago) on my new pc.


    Dan Versyck
    Bellegemsestraat 77
    Kortrijk, Belgium
  10. I often need to develop PDF reports for work, each containing large quantities (up to 200) of images which must be reduced to a particular size. The QuickResizer makes this process effortless! I have been using this software for almost a year now and it has saved me a great deal of time that I would have spent resizing hundreds of images. It is also very straightforward and user-friendly.

    I'm also impressed by Ivertech's customer service; I recently needed my license reset and the Tech Support team was extremely prompt and helpful with this matter.

    Research Psychologist
    Leidos, Inc.
    Richmond, VA
  11. First Testimonial:

    I have been using Quick Resizer for over a year and I have used it on many, many of my pictures, as I send a lot
    of them to friends and relatives over the email.

    I have tried several types and can assure everyone that this is one fine product. It will do just one picture at a
    time or a complete folder of pictures. And best of all, you can adjust your pictures to ANY size.

    It is worth far more than the cost, as one will soon realize, when using it. Ivertech products are the very best.

    Photography has been my hobby for over 60 years.

    Second Testimonial:

    As far as I am concerned, Ivertech is the BEST!

    I have been using Quick Resizer for several years and it does far more than I expected. I have had several computer crashes using windows 8. Each time Ivertech reactivated my code, so that their program could run again.

    Their service was almost instant, when a request was made. They are a wonderful company who even took the time to give me helpful advice on how to use their software.

    Robert Van De Vyvere
    5509 East 141st Street
    Grandview, Missouri 64030
    Tel: 8165891780
  12. Since purchasing this software in 2009 it has been most helpful in re-sizing images. The ease in which an image can be quickly experimented with until it meets the parameters of whatever it is a person is manipulating the image for is extremely valuable.

    It is great to be able to enter the pixels for each of the "X" and "Y" axes or enter a percentage for the re-size. It has been used mostly to re-size images for web publishing.

    Great product(s) and service!

    Lynn Dixon
    Normandy Park, WA
    United States
  13. I found QuickResizer around 3 years ago and it has saved my company hundreds of hours of work. It's simple, easy to use and the back up is superb. If only all software was this good!!

    Frank Murphy
    BTC Group
    Hayes, Middlesex UB3 4AZ
  14. I use your product for resizing the pictures of old vintage radios on my homepage. I repair old radios and make them work again. After that I take pictures to put them on my homepage.

    Normally, if I take pictures with my camera, this size is 2-4Mb which is too large for use on a homepage. Therefore, I use QuickResizer to quickly get them to a proper size.

    QuickResizer works fantastically and I never had any problems with it.

    Jo Bleijlevens
    Bocholtz, Limburg 6351AV
  15. First Testimonial:

    I bless the day I bought Quick Resizer. It has taken the hassle out of sending photos to friends and acquaintances.

    Often the file sizes are too large and make it difficult and time-consuming for others to download. QuickResizer takes care of that quickly and efficiently and allows a quick upload at one end and download at the other.

    Frankly I would be lost without it.

    Thank you Ivertech!

    Second Testimonial:

    I purchased Quick Resizer some years ago and what a godsend it has been. It simply makes life easier when send files and photos.

    One click the photo is reduced to a manageable file size and then able to be sent anywhere.
    And the best part? the price? Very very affordable.

    This is a very good product and the people at Ivertech are obliging and very good to deal with.

    John Pullinger
    Author of The Steve Conway Series
    117/23 Macadamia Drive
    Maleny, Queensland 4552
  16. I bought QuickResizer in the summer of 2008 to resize my holiday pictures. The program never failed even once since then.

    I'm on my third new PC now and every time I was able re-install QuickResizer without any difficulty. I just need to send an email to Ivertech and they reset my license promptly, without asking any questions.

    Great Support!

    Luc Wittevrongel
    Wittenonnenstraat 65/4
    Oostende, West-Vlaanderen 8400
    Tel: +32474037550
  17. First Testimonial:

    This product is robust and enormously useful, in my case for slideshows and for incorporating images in emails.

    The support team, when needed -- as when I recently purchased a new computer and had to re-install Quick Resizer -- is prompt and helpful.

    Second Testimonial:

    I live in Southern California and have a vast, ever-growing library of digital photos and scans. Re-sizing them for email transmissions or PowerPoint slide shows has always been a huge bind.

    Now QuickResizer makes the job fast - and simple. But above all, this company's service is fantastic. Every question or problem I've had has been resolved quickly by email, often with two or three exchanges a day, and even at weekend.

    Third Testimonial:

    As an amateur artist, photographer, and creator of slide shows there are a few applications I can't live without. QuickResizer is one.

    QuickResizer is a simple, no-frills, painless, robust, inexpensive, never-fail product of enormous value. It is also backed by superb and prompt service.

    Fourth Testimonial:

    I have used QuickResizer for many years. My main purpose is to shrink photos for emailing, individually and in Powerpoint slide shows. Resizing to 50% reduces pixels by 75% so I can make lengthy slide shows with no visible loss of sharpness.

    I recently had to move from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and Ivertech promptly reactivated the app.

    Fifth Testimonial:

    I use QuickResizer to process batches of images at reduced resolution for attaching to personal emails. It wouldn't just be difficult without QuickResizer, it would be effectively impossible.

    Tom Moulson
    1100 Sea Lane
    Corona del Mar, California
  18. First Testimonial:

    I don't normally write this sort of email, but just wanted you to know that I use your QuickResizer software almost daily!

    As a photographer I often need to modify image sizes both individually or as a complete folder. I have found your software quick, easy to use, and more importantly a pleasure to use. It is my preferred utility even though I have a number of other products available to me.

    Very many thanks!

    Second Testimonial:

    Re-sizing images outside an Adobe or an Apple environment has always been a necessary part of my flowline.

    Quick Resizer is one of those products that is easy to use and I'd never be without.

    I've probably used it daily for the past 5 years - ok, not Christmas Day I admit :-)

    Support team seem to be on the ball, though the only queries I've ever sent were to re-register the software after a PC or Laptop change.

    No hesitation in recommending the software.

    David F Boughey
    DB Photographic
    Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
  19. I am a real estate broker selling and leasing homes online since the 20th century. We are one of the first brokers to put rental photos online.

    QuickResizer is one of my best tools. Great product, easy to use. I have resized over over 100,000 images of homes for online use.

    We have tried a lot of progams to resize our jpgs, this one is simply the best.

    I could not live without it.

    Sincerely yours,

    Kathleen Gilheany

    620 Waller
    San Francisco, CA 94117
    Tel: 415 552 2970
  20. I have used QuickResizer now for the past 6 months for both work and sports photos. It is a great and simple product and very effective even for PC challenged people like myself! Well done guys!

    Pete Douglas
    Perth, Australia
  21. I take hundreds of digital photos and often share with family and friends but because of the new cameras, file sizes are huge.

    Quick Resizer allows me to resize and send many more pics much faster in a reduced size, which can also be a plus if storage space is a problem on one's PC.

    Also note that Ivertech's customer service is excellent.

    One very pleased user!

    Roger Buschmann
    Green Bay, WI 54313-6720
  22. This program works excellently. It does just what it promises and quickly.

    The team at Ivertech immediately respond to the users of their products.

    Thank you so very much for making my work easier!

    Debra Whitney
    Burton, OH
    United States
  23. The Ivertech Quickresizer is a brilliant piece of software.

    This inexpensive software is very simple to use and it resizes images extremly quickly as its name suggests.

    I would recommend it to anyone who need to resize images for the web and or email.

    Chris Goulden
    Senior Partner
    Golden Media Productions
    Howden, East Yorkshire
    United Kingdom
  24. I am an independent contractor.

    QuickResizer makes my job so much easier. I can resize an entire folder of files with just a couple of clicks. I can also easily select the correct size for each clients requirements.

    The time saved is invaluable to me. Thanks for a great, easy-to-use product!

    Sandy Glass
    Hollywood, FL 33019
  25. This is a great product. With simplicity you can resize any picture and maintain the quality. It handles bulk and single photos with ease and speed.

    I find this software to be much more efficient and user friendly than any on the market.

    I strongly recommend it!

    New York, New York
  26. QuickResizer is a brilliant software! It's much easier to use than alternatives we have tried.

    We use it predominantly for resizing graphics for web usage but it's also great for compressing for storage and emailing.

    It's not over-complicated but does exactly what it claims to do - every time.

    Charles Potter
    Oodles Of Toys
    Glebe Farm Low Street Londesborough
    York, East Yorkshire YO43 3LQ
    United Kingdom
    Tel: 01430874031
  27. I must say that I really enjoy resizing my photos using Resizer. It is a very simple program to use and it enables you to email your resized photos without any problems.

    Keep up the good work!

    Leon Lehman
    15050 E. Sunset Shores Cir
    Har, ID 83833
  28. QuickResizer is an excellent tool that allows me to easily resize photos to upload onto our website.

    A great product!

    Jeremy Lowes
    Managing Director
    Crystal Galleries Limited
    2 Westerby Road
    Middlesbrough, Cleveland TS3 8TD
    Tel: 01642 207301
  29. I have used Quickresizer for a number of years now, and it certainly does exactly what it says it does.. It quickly, simply, and easily resizes your photos.

    I am also very impresed with Ivertech Customer Support.

    Russ Gore
    Crawley, West Sussex RH10 8DB
    United Kingdom
  30. Works great and the file processing feature is a great time saver.

    Have only used technical support once but on that ocassion help was received within hours and was successful.

    QuickResizer is one of several "can't do without" programs for me.

    Brian deGraffenried
    7216 Running Rope
    Austin, Texas 78731
    Tel: 512-837-7939
  31. I have used Quick Resizer for many years I find it easy to use, both for single photo’s and folders.

    I do a lot of uploading photos to websites and forums and find the facility to resize complete folders an invaluable asset.

    I don’t normally endorse products but I have made an exception with this one because I had tried a few products before this one. None of them came anywhere near Quick Resizer for both value and after sales service.

    By after sales service I mean, on a couple of occasions I have asked to have my key reset for various reasons, Ivertech responded quickly and with any fuss.

    I can’t recommend them highly enough!

    William Groves
    Newport, Gwent NP19 4ND
    United Kingdom
  32. I decided not to bother with a free trial after half a day as the price of the product was very reasonable and it worked very well.

    I just thought it is something I will have on my desktop for the future and I can use at any time.

    Just buy it! The small investment will pay for itself time and time again.

    Vilamoura, Algarve
    Tel: 00 351 91 8093890
  33. Brilliant product!

    So easy to use and it saves a lot of hassle to be able to reduce whole folder of photo files in one click of the mouse.

    I would strongly recommend it. 10 at 10!

    Des Wade
    Comet Close
    Watford, Hertfordshire WD25 7AW
    Tel: 01923462399
  34. I have been using QuickResizer for the past year and I cannot be without it!

    I am a photographer and I need to upload all of my customers' photos to my website. This process would normally take me hours, but now with QuickResizer, it takes only a couple of minutes! This not only saves me time, but money!

    I love the fact that QuickResizer is so easy to use and the customer support is fantastic. When I needed to transfer QuickResizer to my new laptop, the Ivertech Tech Support responded immediately to my request, no problems at all!

    I would definitely recommend this product to everyone that uses the internet! It is wonderful!

    Thank you Ivertech Team!

    Kristi Pansch
    Kristi Marie Photography
    Sioux Falls, SD
  35. I've been using QuickResizer for over 2 years now, almost on a daily basis.

    As a real estate professional, we take high quality, high resolution photos for our print work, but if you've ever tried to upload them to the Internet, or include them in HTML based emails, you'll agree, large picture files just won't work or take a lifetime to upload or send.

    With one click of the button, I can upload individual image, or hundreds instantly! It's super functional, completely compatible with my computer and incredibly fast & easy... well worth the investment.

    Thanks ivertech!

    Renee Rector
    Real Estate Consultant
    Troop Real Estate
    3200 Los Angeles Ave, Suite 12
    Simi Valley, CA 93065
    Tel: (805)279-0143
  36. First Testimonial:

    I have been using Ivertech's QuickResizer for a while now and it has proved to be one of the most useful pieces of image sizing software I have used in the preparation of images for my web site. It is very quick to achieve what used to take hours 'by hand' using other proprietary software.

    I wish all software was so simple and functional.

    Second Testimonial:

    QuickResizer is a very functional, no-hassle, gets-on-with-it, "does-what-it-says-on-the-tin" piece of software. I have already given praise in an earlier testimonial and recently had reason to approach the ivertech team with a minor problem which was resolved very quickly and efficiently.

    If all software was this functional and easy to use, life would be perfect!

    I use QuickResizer to aid my hobby in preparing images for my image album web site. For this purpose, QuickResizer has proved invaluable and saved me many hours of tedious labouring resizing images!

    Definitely worth having for anyone resizing images, and it's very fairly priced also!

    Thank to the team and for their friendly support. Great software!

    Mike Wilson
    Harrow, London
  37. I have been using QuickResizer for several years now and it is an excellent and easy to use product that also comes with great tech support. Another nice thing about it is that the license can be freely transferred to other operating systems such as Win Vista/Win 7 if you decide to upgrade your computer.

    What I like most is that it automatically creates a sub-folder in the folder that you are resizing. So once you easily pick the folder that contains the pictures you want to resize, the resized pictures are right within that folder--you do not have to specify another folder.

    Of course the reason why everyone needs this program is because the better digital cameras have high resolutions (such as my 12 Mega-Pixel Canon Digital Elph) that create large picture files. Those pictures are wonderful and you need to share them with family and friends. However, these files, if attached to an Outlook Express e-mail, will not be readable on the family and friends receiving end because they will fill the entire screen and you have to scroll to see them--a waste of time especially if there are many attached pictures.

    When I get such an e-mail I do not look at the pictures. Quick-Resizer eliminates this problem. On my computer I reduce my Canon pictures to 25% and they fit perfectly on the received Outlook Express e-mails.

    My daughter came across this program online and she bought it and uses it all the time.

    All in all, this is a great product that I would definitely recommend!

    Tom McCabe
    Bowie, Maryland
  38. The QuickResizer has been a great time-saver and has allowed me to easily share numerous pictures with my grandchildren in Georgia, over the Internet.

    In the past, pictures from 1500 to 2500 KB took forever to attach to an e-mail and send. Now I can copy them to a folder, quickly resize them as a group and with one more click attach the "processed" file to my e-mail message.

    The quality is always as good as the originals!

    Edward Newman
    Flushing, Michigan
  39. I love Ivertech's QuickResizer image resizer, and seriously don't know how i would function without it.

    I am originally Australian, but now live in Italy. I often upload many photos of my children to send home for all the family to see. Apart from that, I make & decorate cakes, and created a website called Torte Per Ogni Occasione.

    My camera takes fantastic photos, but the file sizes are huge. The QuickResizer changes that problem so quickly. It is fabulous now how quickly I can upload many photos, and also facilitates people seeing my website. I was also surprised how quickly it can resize an entire folder of photos. I am able to take photos, download them, resize and have them on my website in less than 5 minutes!

    Toni Brancatisano
    Torte Per Ogni Occasione
    Tuscany, Italy
  40. I have been using QuickResizer for several months now to adjust photos for our company website. We get photos from many sources, such as employees, customers and architects. These photos come in a wide variety of sizes and resolutions.

    The QuickResizer has significantly reduced the amount of time it takes to get all these photos up on our website. I would highly recommend this software to anyone.

    Kurt Kuhl
    Kuhl's Electric, Inc.
    Phoenix, AZ 85027
  41. Thank you very much for your prompt action in issuing another access key number to allow me to install my image resizer programme on my new pc.

    Since purchasing the software from you, I have found it invaluable in streamlining communications with potential customers.

    We are a swimming pool construction company in the UK where we are "selling a dream" to new customers. We have a huge portfolio of swimming pools we have built over the last 25 years, and we can normally find images of a previously built pool that is close to someone's dream.

    After returning from the first customer visit at their home, I like to send them an e-mail to confirm the points discussed at the meeting and attach a selection of images to support my sales presentation. I find this far more effective than trawling through a slideshow of images on my notebook at the customers home, where they would have to see examples of pools that were not appropriate to their requirements.

    The ability to resize the images selected for this initial response is great, as I can send plenty of examples without blocking their inbox. Before I purchased the image resizer package, I would frequently have my e-mails returned as the recipient's inbox was too full. This is no longer the case, and I am able to send as many images as appropriate to the deal.

    Thanks again.

    Tim Bareham
    Cresta Leisure Ltd.
    Dorchester, UK
  42. My name is Kim Cutler from Woodstock, Georgia. I am a pasty chef and not a computer geek!
    However, in starting Aunt Kimmy’s Creations, Inc. (a gourmet gift company) I was forced into designing my own website due to costs. Not too long ago I could barely do email! So designing my own website was a daunting task! I did everything from A to Z, making, baking, photographing the product & uploading the photos to my website.

    After all that work, little did I realize that the 70 photos on my website were such high resolution that it would take forever for someone to open up my site. In this instant world that we all live in, it just wouldn't work for my business. Everyone was telling me I needed to downsize the photos. "But how?" I thought. So I found Ivertech online & decided to give it a try, and boy was I impressed!!! Now my website opens up in seconds!!!

    I can't thank you enough for designing this product and enabling my website to be bandwidth efficient. It will contribute to the success of my biz!!! And most of all, now I can get back to being a pastry chef again!!! It saved this non-tech pastry chef so many headaches!!!!

    Thanx again!!!

    Kim Cutler
    Proud Owner
    Aunt Kimmys Creations
    Woodstock, Georgia
  43. I am an accident reconstructionist, and at a crash scene I may take up to one hundred pictures.

    In order for me to get the pictures ready and input into a report I had to go in and resize each photo individually.

    But now with this great program, I can click on the folder and resize all one hundred photos at once and about 90% faster.

    You can bet that I'll share this information with my friends and recommend that if they want a program to make resizing faster and easier, they should get Quickresizer.

    Michael Snow
    Traffic Accident Reconstructionist (Retired)
    Indianapolis Police Department
    Englewood, FL 34224
  44. Hi my name is Doug Beaver and I work for Century 21 Olde Tyme as a realtor. I purchased Quick Resizer as I take a lot of photographs for various uses.

    When I need to upload photos to the internet for a customers listing, I do not have to reset my camera. I just run it through resizer and they are now the correct size for internet use.

    It works quickly and saves me a lot of time which in the Real Estate industry means that it has saved me more money than the purchase price over and over again.

    I definitely recommend this product to all. I give it a Ten Star Rating.....

    All photos used on my site www.DougBeaver.com have been resized with this product.

    Doug Beaver
    Real Estate Realtor
    Century 21 Olde Tyme
    1261 6th. Street #A
    Norco, CA 92860
    Tel: 951-258-5095
  45. Duncraft was developing a new web site and needed a tool to resize thousands of product images from the old platform. We bought QuickResizer and resized our thumbnails, no problem. When it came time to resize our larger images that varied in length but not width we realized we couldn't do it and would have to find another tool.

    We sent an inquiry to Ivertech figuring they wouldn't be able to help. To our amazement, within 24 hours we had a retooled QuickResizer that would handle the problem, saving us numerous man hours and tons of frustration. And they did it at no extra charge!

    This is truly a sample of the best customer service we have ever seen! Way to go Ivertech!

    Daryl Eames
    Web Development Manager
    Duncraft, Inc.
    Concord, NH 03303
  46. The Spaghetti Book Club, a literacy program and the largest web site of book reviews written and illustrated by kids for kids, was searching for a way to increase productivity and reduce costs by minimizing the overhead involved with resizing hundreds of scanned illustrations every year.

    Ivertech's QuickResizer was the perfect product for us, providing us with an extremely intuitive and user-friendly front-end that was the perfect solution and exactly what we were looking for!

    Thank you Ivertech!

    Michael Weinstein
    Spaghetti Book Club
    New York, NY
  47. The Quick Resizer is fantastic. It takes less than one minute to shrink a file or whole folder to an easy transportable file size. I swear by it for my business as I'm in real estate and am constantly downloading/uploading files for my listings.

    Diane Walton
    Sales Representative
    Toronto, ON M4K 3S7
    Tel: (416) 462-1888
  48. I am happy to recommend this product without reservation. I use it primarily with photos taken for student ID's - many of the pictures are taken by volunteers and need to be edited, cropped etc.

    I was looking for a solution to standardize the photos to one size before attaching them to the
    student record in our database.

    This product is GREAT - I can save all photos to one folder and resize. I als prepare pics for printing hardcard ID's and this did exactly what the art dept required. It is possible to do this in other programs but not with the ease and speed as QuickResizer. I use it also in prep for posting photos to the web, etc.

    This is definitely one of my most useful tools!

    Jean Mackey
    Youth Assistant
    Spanish River Church
    Boca Raton, FL
    Tel: 561-994-5000 x 314
  49. I use the QuickResizer often. It is very useful to me. I take a lot of digital pictures of construction and equipment installations as they
    progress from week to week for our clients.

    I then use the QuickResizer to enable me to send such batches of digital pics via email to my clients
    throughout the country.

    It helps keep me and my customers informed in a timely basis. A picture of a progress report is worth a thousand words.

    Thanks for this product.

    Brian Wandersee
    Advanced Cleaning Technologies, Inc.
    St. Louis, Missouri
  50. I am always sending photos to my friends and business clients and I was looking for a way of making the task easier. I searched on Google for resizing software and I found QuickResizer. I tried the free trial download and was very pleased with it ..... I bought the full download and I recommend it to everyone now.

    It is simple to use and saves me so much time and my attachments on e-mails are tiny now.

    Ivertech's logo strap line 'Keep It Simple' sums up this great product!!

    I recommend you try the free download straight away!

    David E Broadbent
    VMS Datanet Ltd.
    London, Greater London
    United Kingdom
  51. First testimonial:

    I purchased Quickresizer for use in my office as I deal with a lot of photographs (all different qualities and sizes) on a regular basis. My database requires that these photos meet certain uniform aspect ratio criteria. I struggled with this task for many years by "fixing" each photo one a time and hoping for the best. Finally, a friend recommended Quickresizer! It's so easy to use and does exactly what is required! I can accurately re-size multiple photos in one step. So much time and effort saved! It's great!

    When I had a problem installing and registering Quickresizer on one of my workstation PCs. I contacted Ivertech Customer Service department and asked for help. The response was immediate and very helpful. The team member who helped me was courteous, helpful and patient while we worked together to figure out how to fix my problem. My problem was fixed, the Quickresizer program is running just great and my staff loves it. It was a great experience and restored my faith in "tech support".

    Thank you Ivertech for creating a great product and for supporting it so well.

    Second testimonial:

    Thanks so much for your time and patience. I really like this program. I have a huge database that contains one photo for each record and being able to resize the invariably non-uniform photos sizes has really helped with the maintenance issues that I have been experiencing with my database.

    I have been very impressed with Ivertech customer service and support as well as the Quickresizer application. I highly recommend Ivertech QuickResizer to my counterparts within the international organization that I work for.

    I do really like your product, it helps so much with the work that my department does and the Customer service is the best I have ever come across. Believe me, I work with a lot of companies and your customer service/technical support department is by far the most efficient, helpful and polite I have met yet.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Kat Golden
    Whitney, Texas
  52. I have found QuickResizer very helpful when using pictures for Ebay listings since I have a dialup connection.

    I resize my digital pictures for quicker uploading. Also QuickResizer helps when I want to send a digital picture via email to friends.

    Thanks for a Great product that is easy to use!

    Mary Griffin
    Whitney, Texas
  53. I have found QuickResizer to be an extremely useful application. 

    I have an Olympic 8 mega pixal camera which I use to take high resolution photos, which are in very large files. I resize all of them to send in emails.  It is also very easy to use.

    I am very happy to give this testimonial for such a great product.

    Roy W. Williams
    Concord, CA
  54. Well...I simply LOVE QuickResizer! I maintain about a 100 webpages, not all have pictures, but the ones that do, have been through QuickResizer! I use it to make pictures smaller and sometimes to make them bigger! And all I have to do is left click on a picture or document that I want to re-size and a box pops up and I click to re-size it and instantly it's done! QuickResizer then puts them into a "processed" file on my desktop that makes it easy to find when looking for the picture to upload.

    - Most of my webpages are genealogy sites. I don't have many pictures or documents on these sites but the ones I do, I re-size on QuickResizer. I also use QuickResizer to make documents larger to read the fine print.

    - I also maintain a website for the Vietnam Veterans Group San Quentin (incarcerated Veterans) where I use QuickResizer a lot! In fact, if it wasn't for QuickResizer, I wouldn't be able to put up as many pictures because I would run out of space on the account.

    - and of course my family and I use QuickResizer constantly on our myspace pages! (Note: No the current picture is NOT me...just one I found interesting and re-sized with QuickResizer!)

    - Sometimes I post pictures on other people's myspace pages and so I re-size with QuickResizer and then upload them to a holding site. (One note here - I tried using the holding site's build-in re-sizer but it was slow and I couldn't control the size I wanted.

    J Manley
    Vietnam Veterans Group San Quentin
    Santa Clara, California
  55. I am more than happy with my QuickResizer.

    With family living overseas, I am always emailing photos. The QuickResizer is easy to use, and very fast. I have recommended it to a couple of friends who insist on sending me photos which are so big that I have to scroll down and across to see!

    QuickResizer solved their problem, and mine too!

    Kim Crawford
    Sydney, New South Wales
  56. I am based in South Australia and I recently purchased Quick Resizer online.

    I was amazed with the speed and efficiency of this program. Not only does it resize individual photos but also whole folders at a time!

    Being a photographer who takes 100's of photos in one go this is extremely fantastic and time saving for me.

    Thanks Ivertech!

    Adelaide, South Australia
  57. The transaction went easily and the product works great.

    I had numerous folders of pictures my girls had taken since getting the digital cameras, but they forgot or rather didn't know how to change the size so they were HUGE and were eating up my memory.

    So with this product I could do entire folders at once.

    Would recommend it again. Thanks!

    Tammy Humphries
    Gray, GA
  58. It's the simple, fast, way to reduce the size of my uploads.

    I highly recomend it!

    Bill Tull
    West Palm Beach, Florida
  59. Great program...powerful utility, yet very simple interface and ease of use. (and you can quote me!!)

    Craig A. Sharp
    Bay City, TX
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