Resize pictures of New York City

Now, you can finally resize and rotate all images in a folder with a click of the button.

QuickResizer saves you hours of work from having to resize and rotate one image at a time.
  • Try QuickResizer Free for 30 days.
  • Free Trial Version Has Full Functionalities.
  • No Credit Card Required.
  • No Annoying Ads.
  • No Viruses.


  • Resize all images under a folder with one click.
  • Right-click to resize images from Windows Explorer.
  • Drag and drop files from Windows Explorer.
  • Speedy resizing process.
  • Resize by percent or by pixels.
  • Resize/convert JPG, PNG, GIF, TIF, and BMP files.
  • Resize all images in sub folders.
  • Auto-rotate JPG files to the correct orientation.

Why QuickResizer?

  • Simple User Interface.
  • Designed for average non-technical users.
  • Easy to install and run.
  • High picture quality after resize.
  • Save time by aoto-rotating JPG files to the correct orientation.
  • Backed by 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Used and trusted by customers from various industries.
  • Responsive tech support via email with no extra charge.

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QuickResizer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee QuickResizer is backed by our unconditional 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with our product, we will refund 100% of your money within 60 days.


  1. QuickResizer is an excellent tool that allows me to easily resize photos to upload onto our website.

    A great product!

    Jeremy Lowes
    Managing Director
    Crystal Galleries Limited
    2 Westerby Road
    Middlesbrough, Cleveland TS3 8TD
    Tel: 01642 207301
  2. First Testimonial:

    I bless the day I bought Quick Resizer. It has taken the hassle out of sending photos to friends and acquaintances.

    Often the file sizes are too large and make it difficult and time-consuming for others to download. QuickResizer takes care of that quickly and efficiently and allows a quick upload at one end and download at the other.

    Frankly I would be lost without it.

    Thank you Ivertech!

    Second Testimonial:

    I purchased Quick Resizer some years ago and what a godsend it has been. It simply makes life easier when send files and photos.

    One click the photo is reduced to a manageable file size and then able to be sent anywhere.
    And the best part? the price? Very very affordable.

    This is a very good product and the people at Ivertech are obliging and very good to deal with.

    John Pullinger
    Author of The Steve Conway Series
    117/23 Macadamia Drive
    Maleny, Queensland 4552
  3. I am always sending photos to my friends and business clients and I was looking for a way of making the task easier. I searched on Google for resizing software and I found QuickResizer. I tried the free trial download and was very pleased with it ..... I bought the full download and I recommend it to everyone now.

    It is simple to use and saves me so much time and my attachments on e-mails are tiny now.

    Ivertech's logo strap line 'Keep It Simple' sums up this great product!!

    I recommend you try the free download straight away!

    David E Broadbent
    VMS Datanet Ltd.
    London, Greater London
    United Kingdom
  4. This program has saved me hours of tedious work resizing large MB photos to manageable size. This is invaluable since I submit large numbers of photos to an online print service which can take forever if the photo sizes are too large.

    The entire folder option is excellent as is the individual file option, both of which perform very quickly. The options to resize by % or by dimensions is wonderful.

    I would recommend this program to anyone, especially those who are not quite super computer literate (like me)!

    1018 Cora Greenwood Dr.
    Windsor, Ontario N8P 1K2
  5. I had recently purchased the Quick Resizer program from Ivertech and it works great and am very happy with it, and glad I found it. However I am writing this because I had problem and it just stopped functioning. It is working again now, and at the end of the day, it was not stemming from their program, which brings me to my point.

    There are lots of programs available out there that one could get, but what makes Quick Resizer program and Ivertech truly a cut above all others, are the staff and individuals behind the program. These guys take their job so seriously and are 110% dedicated in helping resolve any issue. They literally went so far beyond any normal standard that would be deemed excellent service in trying to solve and help.

    2 days early evening straight through 2, 3, up to 5:00 am in the morning the following day and still in touch with me and communicating to help resolve my issue. They didn't shut the office door at 5 PM and go home leaving me stranded like others when I had program issues. They truly worked, communicated, tested, searched with diligence, understanding and concern to aid me.

    I have quite frankly never seen or heard of any company or group of guys who care so much, and proved it. Again, one can buy any program, but with this one as I have learned, hidden in the program is an unbelievable dedicated staff and group of guys again who, simply put CARE! I can't stress this enough & this is why I am writing my very first review or testimonial ever, and take great pleasure in doing so.

    Thank-you guys so much, you allowed me to get on with my life and my job, and all from being No fault of yours, so I really got my moneys worth on this purchase. Bartley

    Thomas A Bartley
    4711 Deviits Road
    Blackstock, Ontario L0b1B0
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