How To Turn Off User Account Control (UAC) On Windows Vista

We get frequent complaints from our Windows Vista users that they encounter errors when trying to register their license, even when they already are an Administrator of their computer. To ensure a seamless registration process, we recommend that you turn off Windows Vista's UAC (User Account Control) before performing registration, even if you are an Administrator of your computer. (Here's instruction to check if you are an Administrator in Windows Vista.)

User Account Control (UAC) is a new security feature in Windows Vista that requires all users to log on and run in Standard user privileges mode instead of as Administrator. Even if you are logged in as an Administrator, Windows Vista might still prompt you for your user name and password when you try to perform various tasks on your computer. This is an annoying feature that most users dislike about Windows Vista because it hinders productivity and causes headaches for software vendors.

To avoid getting any errors, we recommend that you turn off User Account Control before you register our software. You can turn User Account Control back on after registration if you feel better having it on. Most of our users prefer to have it off because they don't like to be prompted again when trying to run other software programs that requires writing information into Window's registry.

Here's instruction on how to turn off User Account Control:

1) Click on the Windows Vista Start button on the lower left corner of your computer screen:

Windows Vista Start Button

2) Click on the Control Panel menu item:

Windows Vista Control Panel Menu Item

3) Click on the User Account and Family Safety link on the Control Panel:

Windows Vista Control Panel

4) Click on the green User Accounts link:

Windows Vista User Accounts

5) Click on the Turn User Account Control on or off link:

Windows Vista Turn User Account Control On Off Link

6) Uncheck the check box that says Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer. Click on the "OK" button to commit your change. You will be asked to restart your computer.

Windows Vista Turn User Account Control On Off

7) Restart your computer. When you log back in, you should be able to register your software license without any problems.

8) If you would like to turn on UAC after the registration process, simply check the checkbox again and restart your computer. Most of our users just leave it off because they have better things to do other than re-entering their Administrator user name and password over and over again when prompted.

If you are using Windows 7, here's instruction on how to turn off UAC on Windows 7. If you are using Windows 8, here's instruction on how to turn off UAC on Windows 8.