How To Disable Protected Mode in Internet Explorer 7

If you are running Windows Vista, we recommend that you turn off "Protected Mode" for Internet Explorer 7 (IE7). If you do not turn off Protected Mode for IE7, Logon Automator will not be able to launch your websites for you. You will get a blank IE7 window when you try to launch a website with Protected Mode turned on.

Please be assured that turning off Protected Mode for IE7 will not put your computer at risk. It will reduce the number of annoying warning messages that IE7 displays when you navigate from one website to another or when you try to download files from the Internet. IE7's flexibility is greatly reduced when Protected Mode is turned on. Most of our Windows Vista users actually find themselves more productive after turning off Protected Mode.

Here's instruction on how to turn off Protected Mode for IE7:

1) In Internet Explorer, go to Tools, Internet Options:

IE7 Tools Internet Options Menu Item

2) If you do not see the Tools menu item on the top right corner of your Internet Explorer, you can get to the same screen by using the toolbar on the right hand side of IE7. Click on the Tools icon and select Internet Options:

IE7 Tools Internet Options Tool Bar Item

3) Select the "Security" tab:

IE7 Internet Options

4) Uncheck the "Enable Protected Mode" check box and click on "OK".

IE7 Uncheck Enable Protected Mode CheckBox

5) When you get this warning message: "Warning! The current security settings will put your computer at risk." just click on OK. (Don't worry, your computer won't be at risk if you know what you are doing).

6) Close all Internet Explorer windows and restart Internet Explorer for the change to take effect.

7) The lower right hand corner of your Internet Explorer should now display "Protected Mode: Off". You can double click on it to get to the "Security" screen. (Shh, this is a secret shortcut that I didn't tell you before...)

IE7 Protected Mode Display