EZStoredProc Testimonials from Customers

  1. Whenever I'm writing a bunch of sprocs at the same time, I always use EZStoredProc. Great time saver!

    150 South Wacker Drive
    Chicago, IL 60606
  2. I bought EZStoredProc in 2007 for my Win XP / Server 2003 / SQL 2005 environment and was very satisfied with the product then.

    Since then I have been through 3 more operating systems: Vista, Win 7(x64) & Server 2008 and upgraded to SQL 2008.

    With each iteration Ivertech has been right with me and helped me to make EZStoredProc work with the particular environment I was running at the time. And they responded to my emails QUICKLY!!!

    I highly recommend Ivertech & EZStoredProc.

    Paul Nations
    Sr Systems Programmer
    Arkansas Department of Higher Education
    114 E Capitol Ave
    Little Rock, AR 72201
    Tel: (501) 371-2042
  3. I love EZStoredProc because i can create and execute update and insert procedures in about 20 seconds!

    This program is like a swiss clock...it simply works over and over again and is error free and reliable.

    This is a 10 out of 10 program and I highly recommend it for sql server 2008 usage.

    Best regards,

    Andreas Barth
    365 South Pickett Street
    Alexandria, VA 22304
    United States
    Tel: 703-822-4443
  4. We originally bought EZStoredProc in 2006 for a large VB / SQL Server project to save time. With 4 developers all having to write stored procedures for an application with over 150 tables in it, the amount of time allocated to just writing and debugging stored procedures was huge.

    EZStoredProc cut this time by over two thirds and also helped less experience developers beat the learning curve for stored procedures almost flat. Since that project almost 4 years ago we have continued to use your product in every project involving SQL Server and it continues to provide excellent value to our development processes.

    We are big fans and would thoroughly recommend EZStoredProc to anyone who needs to create a large number of stored procedures in no time at all.

    Thank you so much!

    James Flynn
    HACCP Now
    47 London Road
    Edinburgh, UK EH7 5SP
    United Kingdom
    Tel: +44(0) 7967 750439
  5. Dear Ivertech,

    I don't usually write emails to tool vendors but I really love EZStoredProc.

    When building business apps the data layers usually models the db schema almost exactly.

    And by generating all the db update stored procs with EZStoredProc the standardization makes bugs non-existent.

    Also the speed for generating my data layer now is an order of magnitude less and the quality is higher.

    I know there are other tools out there that can generate stored procs but this program is simple, lightweight, does what it's supposed to!

    Keep up the good work!

    Joseph Arechiga
    Principal Programmer
    Disney Studio IT
    Burbank, CA
  6. EZStoredProc is essential software for large projects containing entity tables. After reviewing several pieces of software, I decided to go with EZStoredProc citing its low price & simplicity.

    My company is migrating our aging woundcare data collection website from asp to asp.net 2.0 code. It has around 300 or so entity tables in the project. Along the way, we need to gut out all of the ugly ado code from the asp pages and replace it with stored procedures.

    EZStoredProc has cut my development time by at least half a day for each page I work on.

    The company (ivertech) is also great. I got in touch with them about a few features I thought would boost my productivity with the tool and, unlike many monolithic software companies out there too large to listen to their customers, I got a respone back... and with the response was a new build of the software with the features I requested. You can't ask for better service.

    This Stored Procedure Generator is Definately worth a try.

    Wil Welsh
    Chicago, IL
  7. EZStoredProc is a real simple way to save money. If you work with databases of any size it can take days to set up all the standard stored procedures - and then you have to test / debug them.

    Even when your application demands more complex SP’s this tool gets the basics set up and ready for extension.

    Money well spent!

    Chris Draper
    Richstream Limited
    1-3 Parkhead Place
    Albany, Auckland
    New Zealand
    Tel: 021 938 583
  8. In a recent project that we've just finished up the initial release of, the use of EZStoredProc saved us many hours of development and frustration!

    On the very first run we created select, insert, update and delete stored procedures for over 70 tables in just a matter of a few minutes!

    Yes, I had to go in and "tweak" some of those later for more customized use, but hey - we saved DAYS of development hours by using this tool.

    Thanks guys!

    Mark Scott
    Lead Developer
    Internet Designs, LLC
    Lees Summit, MO 64082
  9. EZStoredProc saved me several hours of work in developing the initial INSERT, SELECT, UPDATE and DELETE stored procedures.

    I downloaded the trial, saw what EZStoredProc could do for me and bought it within 10 minutes of the initial download.

    Using EZStoredProc is self explanatory and worked as advertised (Out of the Box).

    Great Product!

    Kevin Evers (MBA)
    Clinical Systems Consultant
    EverRec Systems, Inc.
    Huntsville, AL 35807
  10. I bought EZStoredProc several years ago, this time-saving software has paid for it self more than tenfold already.

    With Ivertech's prompt replies and excellent software, they are highly recommend by me!

    Justin Porteous
    Johannesburg, South Africa
    South Africa
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